Holidays on horseback in Tuscany

Do you know Tuscany? Certainly, Pisa, Florence, Sienna, San Gimignano etc… Splendid cities of Art and History. But, in Tuscany, do you know " the Maremma"? Probably not?

The "Maremma" in Tuscany is situated around Grosseto, inbetween Pisa and Civitavecchia, along the Tyrrhenian coastline and runs inland for 30 kilometres. This magnificent region ignored by the tour agents offers an unspoilt undergrowth area, hectares of woods, plains, rugged and sloping hillsides often with a view of the sea.

Magliano in Toscana, Pereta, Campagnatico, Castiglione di Pescaia, Pitigliano, the Monte Amiata and many more… small villages rigorously intact with their thick walls, old houses, cobblestone pedestrian streets and without a tourist shot in sight, the smells of wood fires and food which maintain the old traditions like the making of olive oil, considered to be the best in the world but is not marketed.

In Tuscany, the beaches are often only accessible on foot or on horseback and extend for many deserted and wild kilometres. During the equestrian circuit of 2-8 days, my staff and I will enable you to discover everything from the mountains to the seaside in complete quietness and tranquillity without any physical effort! After 4-5 hours of sightseeing on horseback and gastronomy, we will be staying in Inns (agritourism) offering comfort and quality in the real Maremma tradition.

We will be crossing rivers with ponds, cantering in the sea on horseback, but also in the waterfalls of Saturnia on Monte Amiata, as inactive and sulphurous springs (37º) gush out and form natural pools where to swim. Monte Amiata reaches 1800m in altitude and in winter when it snows offers a breathtaking spectacle from the summit which can be reached on horseback where one can see the blue sea beyone and the islands of Elba and sometimes Sardinia.

For the younger generation we propose an alternative program, more economical and sportive known as "horse camping" holidays in a tent -- one of our new innovations. We supply all the camping gear as well as facilities such as bathrooms and showers.

Breakfast in the clubhouse and sejour a la carte: hacking out returning in the evening to the camp, riding lessons or going to the beach and sightseeing, everything is possible! And all that in 3 different languages French, English, Dutch and of course Italian.
The Maremma is also known for its "butteri" or cowboys on horseback, driving real herds of enormous cattle with long horns. The horses used to round up the cattle are very hardy and rustic due to the fact that they are still reared up in the marshland and the undergrowth.
We look forward to seeing you as a group, or as a family, with or without children for an unforgettable holiday on horse or not.

- Claude Wellens and his team

Additional services available:
  • Baby-sitting
  • Dog-sitting
  • Hacking out with a pony and trap (from May till October)
  • Also available for rent: Bicycles and motorbikes
  • Flights with Ryanair to Pisa or Fiumicino (Rome)